Profile Systems for Frameless Sliding Glass Walls

Our Profile Systems for Frameless Sliding Glass Walls are very easy and quick to assemble, as it includes spacers around the perimeter to levell and ensure the correct operation.


AIRCLOS produce your enclosures systems customized, at size, and we supply it completely finished. Ready to fit. If requested, we can supply the enclosure already glazed. + INFO


AIRCLOS makes profile systems for manufacturing the product yourself. We supply the profiles, accessories and necessary gaskets for the system you choose. + INFO

Profile Systems for Frameless Sliding Glass Walls SERIES

Our Independent leaves Systems is perfect to complement our Frameless Sliding Glass Walls systems. Our systems can be lacquered in any colour from the RAL classic range, anodized or wood imitation, respecting the same aesthetic of their profiles.

Ideal for places without altering the architecture of the facade of the building or where there is a need to avoid altering in the visibility through a window. The leaves are independent, achieving a total opening, once slided to one or several sides. With tempered glass with its mechanical and thermal characteristics.

  • AIRCLOS E20 Sliding Glass Walls

    E20 series

  • A 32-Profile Systems for Sliding Glass Walls AIRCLOS

    A32 series

  • A35 series

  • E 45-Profile Systems for Sliding Glass Walls AIRCLOS

    E45 series



AIRCLOS use a special expanders profile system wich allow us a fine regulation of the perimetric frames of the system, covering the non-level spaces of the rough gap. It is supplied already installed in the frames and you just need a correct regulation in the place in order the frames of the system are in a perfect level.


It’s useful for places where no channels can’t be realised to embedd the guide and where no frameworks can be on the ground that interferes the pass through. The Profile Systems for Frameless Sliding Glass Walls without bottom guide, each leaf carries a lower latch that closes/lock on the ground, so we have created special end caps.


Translucent gaskets provide complete air tightness between each glass leaf all of which are able to be operated independently thus providing an extremely versatile and attractive screen .


All our hardware for profile systems for Frameless Sliding Glass Walls is making with the highest quality materials, and painted with epoxy of the RAL chart (210 colours in the RAL Classic Range). All the accessories have an anti-rust treatment to rise up the useful life of them.

FEATURES Profile Systems for Frameless Sliding Glass Walls

Frameless Sliding Glass Walls
SeriesA 32E 45E 20
MaterialAluminium | GlassAluminium | GlassAluminium | Glass
Parking bay areaYesNoNo
Compensation system profilesYesYesNo
Faceted system, angles & shapesYesYesNo
ConstructionTop hungTop hungBottom hung
Max height of the system3000 mm2700 mm3000 mm
Outwards openingYesYesNo
Glass thickness8, 10, 12 mm8, 10 mm10 mm
Between glasses translucid gasketsYesYesYes
Flush bottom trackYesYesYes
Raised bottom trackYesYesYes
No bottom trackYesNoNo
Hardware finishedBlackBlackBlack
Deep frame profiles51 mm51 mmAs per track number
Profiles finishedRAL | Wood grainRAL | Anodized | Wood grainRAL | Anodized | Wood grain
OpeningLeft | Rigth | BothLeft | Rigth | BothLeft | Rigth | Both | To either side
Side frames*YesYesYes
Special glass options*YesYesYes
Key lock with key and with knob*YesYesYes
Flat HandleYesYesNo

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