Frameless Sliding Glass Walls

Maximize your space and enjoyment in any weather with our Frameless Sliding Glass Walls System.

Frameless Sliding Glass Walls

The AIRCLOS Frameless Sliding Glass Walls System consists of independent glass panels that can be slid away, round any angle, allowing for complete opening, with the panels concertinaed at one or both ends. The glass panels are hardened, notably increasing their mechanical characteristics (flexion, compression, impact resistance…). Furthermore, in the event of breakage the glass shatters into small pieces, avoiding the risk of serious injuries.

Both sections and the accessories have been designed exclusively for this system. Giving durability, quality and doing the system easily operated.

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The locking system of Framless Sliding Glass Walls is very discreet, because is almost invisible from the outside. The flat handle, allow the perfect fold and stack of the leaves, and its ergonomic design make confortable operation.


Finishes are available in Powder Coat (210 colours in the RAL Classic Range),anodised or imitation wood grain. And all the accessories have an anti-rust treatment to rise up the useful life of them.


The sliding glass leaves are manufactured using 8, 10 or 12mm tempered glass with fully polished edges which give safe and easy operation.

Frameless Sliding Glass Walls APPLICATIONS

AIRCLOS Frameless Sliding Glass Walls System can use to extend the use of exterior spaces, to enclose open spaces or to divide interiors without reducing the visual space, in the salons of hotel and restaurant, to separate sales or office areas in car showrooms, set aside areas in public spaces for smokers, etc.

Sliding Glass Walls for Porches & Gardens

Porches & Gardens

Sliding Glass Walls for Remodeling


Sliding Glass Walls for Balconies & Penthouse

Balconies & Penthouse

Sliding Glass Walls for local bussines

Local Bussines

Sliding Glass Walls for Swimingpools & Solariums

Pools & Solariums

Sliding Glass Walls for large enclosures

Large enclosures

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