Bifold Doors

Become fixed walls into flexible openings with our Bifold Doors Systems.

Bifold Doors

The ultra slim aluminium systems give you total flexibility and choice so whether you are replacing old patio doors or remodeling a space, by perhaps opening a comer of your property, we have a bi folding doors solution for you.

The bifold patio doors allow a total freedom in the number of panels as well as in opening combinations, whereby the panels can be stacked to the right, to the left, halfway, to each side or even floating panels.

Our bi folding patio doors also will allows you create a space where the panels will be folded to inwards or outwards as per your need.

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Our Serie Thermal, with a coefficient of thermal transmittance of Uw=1,5 W/m²K with which we can reach the most restrictive standards of heat insulation.


Our series can incorporate a system of inner profiles, that allows us to place 6 bands of contact between vertical gakets, where our system obtains a safety catch.


We offer as an option a marine pre-anodizing treatment, extending its durability against the adverse conditions and to the filiform erosion.


You can choose various finishes or special properties that can be fitted in themselves such as: finished matt, acoustic insulation, solar protection, etc.

Bifold doors applications

Perfect to close open spaces or dividing interiors, as well as straight as forming curves with polygonal base; with unlimited combinations of openings and leaves, achieving the maximum free space, once folded they occupy a minimum space. Offering versatility, a mixture of combinations and adaptable to all type of decorations, being 100% airtight.

Bi folding Doors Porches & Gardens

Porches & Gardens

Bi folding Doors Remodeling


Bi folding Doors Balconies & Penthouse

Balconies & Penthouse

Bi folding doors Local bussines

Local Bussines

Bi folding Doors Swimingpools & Solariums

Pools & Solariums

Bi folding doors Large enclosures

Large enclosures


Bifold Doors SERIES

AIRCLOS customize a total of 11 series of aluminium bifold doors which can be used to enclose open space or divide up interior spaces. These can be installed in straight or curved lines, and offer an no-end variety of opening systems and panel combinations while ensuring that you are left with as much free space as possible.

All series of our bi folding doors have two options for the bottom track, raised or recessed, with a bottom roller system or for instance, for high transit places, a stainless steel flushed lower frame.

Bi folding Doors Smooth Line

Smooth Line

SERIES S35 – Slim, double continous seal gasket, very versatile, admit straight glazing beads, fix or moveable louvers, intenor blinds, double or single glass. Ideal for interior areas and light weather conditions.
Bi folding Doors Special Highly Reinforced

Specially Reinforced

Enforced series, triple continous seal gasket, with straight glazing beads, single or double glass. Ideal for interior and exterior, recommended for areas with high wind. Available to add an enforcing mullion to get 3200 mm height.

Bi folding Doors with Thermal Break Profiles

Thermal Break Profiles

Enforced series with insulated alyminium. ldeal for exterior with hard weather conditions, low or high temperatures and strong winds. Low Thermic Transmission (Uw). Avaviable enforced mullion to get wider panels and 3500 mm heigth systems.

Bi folding Doors Louver Shutters

Louver Shutters

Fixed or rotated, all our louver shutters leaves can open inwards or outwards, and can also incorporate one or more mullions.

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